5 ways to keep yourself busy at home

Being busy at home doesn’t always mean you have to do big things like being part of an activity. You can be busy even by just doing little things. We all have been bored at some time in our life, and just stopped looking at the wall or ceiling not knowing what to do with the boredom that has captured you. But we have some good news for you because there are plenty of things you can do to make these moments more productive. So we have made a list of 5 things that you can do for the next time that you are bored at home and keep your mind busy.

Why should we keep our brains busy at home?

Your brain needs to always be active because an inactive one can be dangerous. A dormant mid is repulsive and unattractive. Keeping your mind busy helps it to constantly get engaged besides brilliant ideas might come to you. It is believed that ideas rule the world. Also, the ones who always get great ideas their minds are always active.

It’s also very anemic hard to be creative and I believe that you also agree with me that creativity is one essential tool needed for life growth. You will have more energy, and every cell in your body will be on alert. You will have more positive energy. Having a busy mind is a great way to combat negative emotions. For example, when our plans are in progress we feel hopeful and motivated. Besides all make sure to be in a productive place and not a panic place. So some of the things you can do to keep yourself busy at home are:

Read a book

This tops the “5 ways to keep yourself busy at home” list for a reason.

Let go of the technology for a while and try reading a new book. Or you can read your favorite one and recall yourself why is your favorite. Reading is also really good for your eyes because your book doesn’t have blue light which damages vision and generates poisonous molecules in the eye’s light-sensitive cells. Reading a book also improves your vocabulary. According to research people who read a book for 30 minutes daily live 23 months longer than the nonreaders.

Reading a book is a way of releasing stress because a good novel can take you to another world. It will make you forget all the problems that you have in your life right now. It will also improve your memory because when you read a book you have to remember the characters, their background, ambitions, etc. You will have better writing skills. Just like musicians learn by the techniques of others, so do writers learn how to craft prose by reading others’ work, etc.

Percentage of reading Americans on average day, by age
Percentage of reading Americans on average day, by age

Look at your family albums

When you are bored and you don’t have anything to do this can be a great time to go to your attic and bring out your old albums. To look at your favorite photos with the people that you love the most. Remembering the lovable people that unfortunately aren’t with us anymore which makes your eye fill with tears. Laughing at poses that we made as kids thinking we looked cool. Getting flashbacks about the best moment that you have had in your life. Looking at the picture of your baby brother 10 years ago only to see how much he has grown over these years.

 Make a new dessert

Through time more and more dessert recipes come on the internet. So while being bored at home you can learn a new dessert recipe to surprise your family with it. Try finding a recipe with the ingredients that your family likes for example with strawberry.

Or if you want to make it more fun challenge one family member in a challenge of who will make a faster and better dessert.

Make someone be the judge and in the end, the winner will get a reward. An app that you can get great inspiration from is Pinterest when you can find thousands of recipes for desserts.

Redecorate your bedroom

You may be bored at home because everything is the same. You can spend this free time to redecorate your room. Change your wardrobe, throw out the clothes that you don’t wear or need. Change the pictures in your room with some new ones. Invest in a new bedside lamp and since it will only be one you might as well invest in a spectacular one.

Just like bling adds spice to your favorite outfit it’s no different from your bedroom. Just a few touches of shine can totally transform your room, but don’t overdo it since you don’t want to put a lot of things in your room that you know won’t be used.

A redecorated room
A redecorated room

Take a relaxing bath

Of course, life can be tiring and stressful so you can spend this boring time in a relaxing bubble bath. Buy a bath bomb and throw it in your bathtub while listening to calm music. There is nothing more relaxing than being in a warm bubble bath with essential oils and an amazing scent after a long and tiring day at work. Taking a bath is definitely one of the 5 ways to keep yourself busy at home.

Or you can even make a bath bomb at home which we think is even better since you can customize the oils and colors so you can create the perfect bath bomb for you. On the other hand, after you get out of the bath you will see how much more relaxed you are, and how much focused you will be.

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Do you have anything to add to the ” 5 ways to keep yourself busy at home” list?

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