Are online classes hard

 Are online classes hard or do I just lack discipline

Online classes are a great opportunity if you want to study in the comfort of your home. It has a lot of benefits which is why more and more students are choosing online classes instead of face to face classes. However, did you know that the success that you have on your online classes depends on your self-discipline? Due to online classes requiring more independence that face to face classes.

Online courses need discipline students may be negligent with online courses and grades. And since you are studying from home you will have the thought that I will do it later. If you have problems with self-discipline then we have some tips for you on how you can have better self-discipline.

Take one day off per week

If you study every day without taking some breaks than your self-disciplined energy will just fade away. Taking a day off per week helps you be more relaxed not only for the next week but for the rest of the semester. Self-discipline is a skill and if you don’t have it you can develop it through time. Developing this skill is not only helpful for studying but also in real life. This skill will also be very helpful for your sanity. So try taking at least a day off per week so you can recharge yourself and be ready for the next work that has to be done.

Time Management

It’s really important for online students to have time management. It’s good to have a certain amount of time for each subject so that you have time for each of them. Or you can use the organization skill to set daily calendars and dates for homework assignments. And if you are a beginner in online classes we suggest you start from now so that it will become a habit and each time it will become easier. When you manage your time carefully you will be able to engage in meaningful learning because you are effectively preparing for homework assignments and assessments.

Have a study place

Location is really important when it comes to productivity. Since you aren’t in a class with a whiteboard a professor and you sitting down and listening down to the lessons you have to make your own class at home. Try a few different places until they find the one you are most comfortable in. Don’t only check your location but also the lighting the sound and where you sit because those things are also really important. Yes in an online class you will only need your computer but try changing your location and you will see how big of an impact is the study location.


You also need a lot of motivation if you are seeking to be successful in online classes. Set short term and long term educational goals. For example, set a goal of learning a hard equation. Once you achieve that goal of understanding that equation reward yourself. We know that this one is the hardest one but is also the most rewarding one. Since everyone has had those days when they are struggling to stay motivated. However, we assure you that once you are motivated you will get the most of learning. Try lowering the distraction like your Smartphone and TV so you can fully concentrate on your studies.

Reward Yourself

Let’s say you had to do multiple assignments in one day or a really important one and you are stressed on what your results will be. The best way to get your mind off of it is to reward yourself with something this won’t only be good for you mentally but also physically. You will get good relaxation by this and be more confident about the results that you will get. You can reward yourself with something sweet, taking a break, watch the new episode of your favorite show, go to your favorite coffee shop, etc. These rewards will give you motivation for the next assignment that you will have and you will see that it will be a very good thing. So you see it’s the little things that keep you going and keep you motivated. So try paying more attention to these little things.




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