How to remove a hacker from my phone

How to remove a hacker from my phone

As we know our smartphones have a footprint of everything that we do in your daily life ( who we are, who we meet, our plans, likings, etc ). So, in general, our phone is called a treasure due to having a lot of details about us. But the bad thing about this is that this type of data can be enticing to many people including also criminals.

Phone hacking involves unknowingly downloading spyware which transmits real-time information about what you are doing. This details could include getting your login in details and passwords. The easiest way for your Smartphone to be infected is Malware.

Run a security scan

The first step that you should take is to make sure that your phone is really being hacked. In other words run a security scan let’s see how you can do that in an Android and iPhone.

Android:  Commercial spyware is unfortunately too easy to find online. Spy apps have system-level access to extremely detailed information about your device like the message you write, the photos you take, and your GPS location.

The apps also need to be downloaded physically to your device. That means that if these apps are on your phone that this was done by someone that has access to your device (and you’re PIN). There is a high chance that you figure out who in your life would want to monitor your phone.

If you want to find out if you have these types of apps installed in your Android phone then you can download a security app like McAfee, which will flag any malicious programs. (Spy apps on a non-jailbroken iPhone are less common since such software that tampers with the system-level function doesn’t make it into the App Store.

iPhone: Didn’t jailbreak your phone. Double-check to make sure that nobody else has either but downloading a security app like Sophos which will alert you if your iPhone has been jailbroken and will also flag any malicious activity.

Whether security software can find spy apps will all depend on how sophisticated or new is the spy apps since the security software scan for malware that is already known ( That is why it’s crucial to download updated to security software as soon as available since updates will incorporate new instance of discovered malware.

Malware statistics you need to know
Malware statistics you need to know

How to Avoid another Mobile Hack:  

Activate find my Phone– One great way of avoiding a mobile hack is if you activate Find my iPhone in your Phone. Find my iPhone is handy because if you were too lost your phone you can log on to find My iPhone from another device (or via the web on a PC or Mac) or more importantly remotely wipe your personal data from the lost phone. This means that even the hacker does manage to gain access to your stolen or lost device they will find no valuable data.

Phone automatically wipes the content– Another thing you can do is that after 10 incorrect guesses the iPhone will automatically wipe all content and this makes the phone useless to the hacker. It’s a little worrying as we have known people accidentally activate the feature ( usually when under the influence of alcohol) and delete all their personal information.

These are usually the same people who tend to not back up regularly so if you do not enable the same option we would advise you also turning on automatic iCloud backup so if your data is whipped (because of an accident or someone that was trying to hack you) you will have everything saved in the cloud.

Be cautious about browsing on Public Wi-Fi- Connections that assure free fast internet can be simple bait for smartphone users. We have all been desperate for internet access but keep in mind that there are many evil people out there so be choosy about networks. Once they access a compromised one, cybercriminals can also access your personal information.

Run Mobile Anti-Virus Software– You have to protect your device from the inside out with comprehensive security software. McAfee Mobile Security is free for both IOS and Android, which helps you protect your device and its data from the hackers out there.

Keep your phone Updated– Mobile operating systems are regularly updated to provide enhanced security built to defend against updates threats. This may feel like just another task but the consequences of ignoring the update could immediately be much more time consuming than the half-hour it takes for your mobile device reboot.

Check your credit card statements regularly– We know that it’s boring checking your credit card statement but it’s a fact that we can’t ignore and shouldn’t ignore. We bet you will be shocked when you will receive your bill and it looks like someone else has had a shopping spree with your credit card. So if you see suspicious payment pop up on your credit card you need to cancel it immediately.

Cybersecurity industry by Year
Cybersecurity industry by Year

How to remove a hacker from my phone

Android: It’s really simple to remove malware if you have in your phone you just use some of the most rated software that is free for example the first one is “Lookout Security & Antivirus”. You will see that this app is downloaded by millions of people due to being safe and quick. Another safe software is “360 Security- Antivirus”.

These two apps are free, safe, and have helped lots of people. Remember this one thing you shouldn’t download these apps from a link that your friend sends you or from the internet. For you to achieve the success you need to specifically go to go to Google Play only.

iPhone: A lot of people think that their iPhone is acting up but that doesn’t necessarily mean malware but something else acting like it for example pop-ups. So try the tip that we will give you and see if its successes because there is no harm in trying.

So what you are going to do is you go to Settings > Safari > Block pop-ups-ON > Clear History and website data> Clear. Then go to Advanced > Website Data. This shows you the top websites and what is going to do is trying to start populating all the websites you have visited that is recorded data from so when you go there look which one doesn’t look familiar and delete it. When you want to get rid of it you swipe left and see the button Delete and click it.

This is one type of way of getting rid of a lot of pop-ups and sort of sketchy type of behaving apps that are typically more driven by a visit to a website rather than the app itself. Generally speaking when you download an app from Apple App Store or of Google Play then you are pretty safe you are good to go and keep your software updated.

Do a factory reset

If your phone is behaving strangely even after you deleted the suspicious apps, this nuclear option is a quick way of clearing your device of malicious software that was left behind.

Android:  Settings  >  System  >  (Advanced)  >  Reset options  >  Erase all data

iPhone:  Settings  >  Genera l >  Reset  >  Erase All Content and Settings.


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