What is a black hat hacker

What is a black hat hacker

Hacking has become so easy that hackers can even hack your Smartphone when you connect to Wi-Fi. A couple of years ago getting hacked didn’t happen as much as it does now. Today on average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds and obviously hacking nowadays is happening quite rapidly. But not all hackers are the same we guess you can divide them into three groups:

  • Black hat hacker (hack to exploit data)
  • White hat hacker (hack to make the system more secure)
  • Grey hack hater (are somewhere in between)

In this article, we will focus more on the black hat hackers on what they are and what they do but we will also explain the other two hackers. So you can tell the differences between them because they are not the same. Here’s a great guide to hacking for beginners.

Black Hat Hackers

A black hat hacker is a person who aims to find computer security vulnerabilities and use them for personal financial gain or other spiteful reasons. These hackers are also responsible for writing Malware which is any software that is used to gain access to these systems. Their main motive is usually for personal financial gain but they can also be involved in cyber spying, or they are just addicted to cybercrime or thrill.

These black hat hacker not only steal date they also seek to modify the date or even destroy it. They can range from amateurs by firstly spreading malware to skilled hackers that aim to steal data especially financial information, personal information, and login credentials.

Black hat hackers can inflict major damage on both large organizations and individual computer users by stealing personal financial information compromising the security of major systems or shutting down or altering the function of network and websites.

You also may not know that these hackers love hotspots their purpose is to gain illegal access to your device and steal credentials like credit card numbers and social numbers which they will use to make purchases often of illegal items from the dark web.

White Hat Hackers

White hat hackers, unlike black hat hackers, choose to use their power on coding for good reasons. They are also known as “ethical hackers”, these hackers can sometimes be paid employees or contractor working for companies as security specialists that use hacking methods to find security flaws that black hat hackers may exploit.

White hat hackers use the same methods of hacking as black hat hackers but unlike the black hat hackers, they do that with approval from the owner of the system which makes the process legal. If you love coding are good at it and most importantly want to use those hacking skills for good then they are courses, training, and certifications for ethical hacking.

So remember that not all hackers have malicious reasons because if we didn’t have the white hat hackers diligently seeking out threats and vulnerabilities before the black hat hacker can find them. Then there would probably be a lot more activity involving cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities and collecting delicate data than there is now.

What motivates a hacker
What motivates a hacker

Grey Hat Hackers

We guess you can say that grey hackers are a combination of both black and white hat hackers. Grey hat hackers will often look for vulnerabilities in a system without the owner’s knowledge or permission. If they find any issues they will report them to the owner and sometimes requesting a small fee to fix the issue. If the owner doesn’t respond or agree then the hackers sometimes post the newly found exploit online for everyone to see.

Usually, a grey hat hacker will not exploit the found vulnerabilities but this type of hacking is still illegal because the hacker didn’t have permission from the owner for attempting to attack the system. So the gray hat hackers are not inherently malicious with intentions they are just looking to get something out of their discoveries for themselves.

 Hacking an iPhone?

Hacking has become so easy that hackers can even hack your iPhone when you connect to Wi-Fi. Hacking and iPhone and Android are not the same so we will mention some ways on how you can tell if your phone is being hacked. Your iPhone security gets compromised when a user jailbreaks your iPhone.

For you to keep your iPhone completely safe from hackers refrain from jailbreaks. Avoid opening any message from people that you don’t know. Avoid charging your smartphone in public stations because it may infect your iPhone with malware. But how can I know that my iPhone if hacked, well here are some ways that you can check:

  • Your device slows down in performance
  • Receives/sends strange text messages
  • New apps get installed on your device without your knowledge
  • Battery drains out more quickly
  • The device gets hotter than before
  • Some apps do not work properly
  • Increased use of data
  • Never-seen-before popups appear

Hacking an Android?

Researchers have shown that hacking an Android is easier to hack compared to other phones that have a different OS. All they need to do is sent an MMS or SMS to your phone which can crack your security when you open it. Many hackers have uploaded spiteful apps to the Google Play Store.

These apps may seem like they provide diverse functionality but in the background, they are sending your personal information to the hacker for example your banking information and credentials. This gives the hacker the chance of accessing everything that you have in your device.

A hacked Android phone can:

  • Retrieve contacts and all their information
  • Retrieve call logs and messages
  • Track location using GPS
  • Monitor real-time messages (sent and received)
  • Capture image using the camera
  • Stream microphone sound and videos
  • Send SMS and make calls
  • Open a web page in the default browser
  • Make the phone vibrate

How do they hack you?

We will break this down in short black hat hackers first get the information of a particular person or an organization. They get their information about the computer’s IP Address, MAC Address via the Network Mapping software.

Black hat hackers are usually professionally skilled and will break their system by web defacement, Breaking Password and inserting RAT( Remote Access Trojan) or Spyware and collect the information about their income. That way they can swoop down the money quite easily, even if it takes some time doesn’t matter due to hackers being very patient minded people.

How much do black hat hackers make?

There are many articles that say a black hat hackers approximately make this much. Those articles are false we can’t know how much money they earn because it all depends on who they are hacking and how much they are able to hack.

They can make lots of money by stealing credit card numbers, login credentials, or personal information. Black hat hackers often steal and sell the information in the black market to make money, but if they are caught they can be fined thousands of dollars. They can receive class B misdemeanor (up to 6 months in jail) or class B Felony (which is up to 20 years in jail).



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